Tricky Issues

Does your dog:

Bark excessively?

React to other dogs or people?

Feel anxious when left alone?

Display possessiveness towards food or toys?

Struggle to fit into a multi-dog household?

Then our Tricky Issues package could be just what you are looking for!

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to dogs and training, and Calm Paws Leicester understands this better than most. With experience of specialising in 1-2-1 training in your dog's natural environment (your home and surrounding areas)* packages are developed around the day-to-day lives of you and your dog, creating kind and ethical easy to follow programmes that will ensure results. 

We bring the expertise, coaching and guidance; your dedication will ensure success!

   * A small one-off fee for travel is added to this price if you live outside of a two mile radius of Leicester City Centre

Tricky Issues

Training Package

The perfect package if you need help and advice on those difficult behaviour issues that just won't go away.

Initial Consultation - £110

2 hours


Due to the nature of behaviour issues, an initial assessment of your dog and their behaviours will need to be made to find out more about the problems you are having, make recommendations and suggest a training programme moving forward, if appropriate*

The consultation also includes lots of freebies:

  • A 20 minute discovery phone call before we start

  • A welcome goody bag

  • A folder containing useful information

  • A follow up email report, containing links to useful videos, products and information

Following our initial consultation, we will offer the most appropriate training package for you and your dog going forward. Depending upon the issue, prices and packages will vary and will be discussed in the follow-up report.

* A vet visit may be recommended before the session starts to rule out any health concerns

* If the nature of the issue is deemed untreatable by Calm Paws, the case will be referred on to a suitable canine professional

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